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Many financial experts write a blog to help others, to educate others, to present there view but the problem for a retail investor or the person who seeks financial knowledge is to read different blogs he/she has to go to different URLs resulting loss of time and also this turns out to be a hassle process. Many a time we might not know someone who writes astonishing blogs. We Finbloggers help you to bring most of the financial blogger at one place that is your own mobile through our app.

We don't store data into your mobile

Our Mobile App fetch data from server in real time.The blog which you want to read at any point of time will be fetched from the server and will be presented to you. Yes you can save your favourite blogs in your mobile.

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The Mobile App is free of cost, free of advertisement and this app is made with an intention to make the journey of the retail investor, financial learner a little smoother but there is a server, app cost is involved. Please donate to keep us going.